People First: A 360° Approach to Facility Wellness.

Exclusively by A&A, WellnessClean is our proprietary disinfecting and cleaning process that focuses on building and occupant wellness. This people first approach utilizes continuously updated CDC standards and medical approved procedures to provide a healthy, clean environment.

  • Clean.

Our professionals utilize EPA-registered disinfectants and procedures based on the criteria of each space, which we take time to understand and analyze. Our employees receive on-going training to ensure they understand the right processes, the latest technology, and how to implement.
  • Repeat

Because industries and locations all have unique activities, it is important to look at the variables of occupancy for which the spaces are utilized. Our customized planning makes sure that the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting is tailored specifically to your company’s needs.
  • Prevent.

Key to every location’s underlying sanitation (and prevention) is hand soap and sanitizer dispensers. While this isn’t ground-breaking, it is critical that these things are the right solution for the location, that they are readily available and always stocked and that we are consistently encouraging heightened personal hygiene.

Let us create a custom plan to protect your facility - and more importantly - your people.


Elevated Facility Services

For nearly 50 years, our first priority has been the health, safety, and well-being of people. With the changing landscape surrounding cleanliness, it has become crucial to not only ensure that people are safe, but that they feel safe. Wellness Clean is our answer to making sure that people, our greatest asset, are protected.

  • Committed to Compliance

  • 100% Customizable Programs

  • Industry Expertise

  • Technology Implementation

WellnessClean Proactive

Our traditional cleaning methods utilizing an increased frequency schedule, combined with CDC recommended disinfecting products and procedures to be considered as a preventative approach to the spread of viruses and bacteria. This is important to consider as the landscape of infection has changed so drastically and is recommended to be implemented after a deep clean utilizing WellnessClean Plus. This protocol is tailored to each location – plus any additional requested requirements.
WellnessClean Plus

Our elevated cleaning protocol to be considered for re-entry plans and well as a deep cleaning. In this case, our technicians use protective equipment, ensure disinfection of all touch points utilizing approved disinfecting products and procedures. As recommended or upon request, our technicians may also treat carpets, scrub hard surfaces and fog all areas using EPA approved disinfectant on all solid and porous surfaces throughout facility.
WellnessClean Premier

Our highest level cleaning protocol completed in association with our environmental partners that utilizes the most advanced products and technology. This should be deployed for spaces that have suspected or confirmed cases of virus or bacteria exposures. Our partnered environmental technicians are deployed utilizing the most advanced protective equipment, and surgically disinfect all known contaminated areas including hard and soft surfaces, touch points, cough-lines, etc. utilizing approved disinfecting products and procedures. It may also be required to utilize fogging methods as well as deep scrubbing of hard surfaces and treatment of carpets.

Implement Wellness Clean In Your Facility.