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Exclusively by A&A, SYNC is a systematic approach to ensure the most efficient, sustainable and transparent approach to cleaning. A&A has consistently been ahead of the current trends, committing to safe and efficient sustainable cleaning methods in the workplace. Between state-of-the-art equipment, discounted LEED certified products and quality work with full client access to cloud-based results, the core of A&A's sustainable methodologies is in SYNC with our customers' changing needs.

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AA 360, our cloud-based work order and quality assurance system, reduces response time and increases accountability.

sustainable PRODUCTS

We only use sustainable, LEED approved consumable products. All of our products are Green Seal, EcoLogo, EPA compliant or come from a rapidly renewable resource.


We work with the most efficient and technologically advanced equipment and procedures, such as vacuums that exceed HEPA requirements, carpet extraction equipment approved by CRI and automatic scrubbers that use little to no chemicals.


The core of A&A's sustainable methodologies. Redistributing custodial tasks greatly reduces labor and energy expenditures.